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Call Sign Look-up Links
ARRL Call Sign Lookup
Buckmaster HamCall
Canadian Call Signs
FCC License Check - ULS
FCC Special Event Calls
One-by-One Call Signs
QRZ - 1993 Database
QRZ - Look Up Calls
QRZ - DX QSL Manager List
QRZ - DXCC Country List
       QRZ - Edit Update A Callsign
QRZ - IOTA Countries List
QRZ - Name Search
QRZ - New DX Call Signs
QRZ - New Licenses
UALR Call Sign Lookup
WM7D Call Sign Lookup
WM7D Ten-Ten Numbers
W5YI License Update and Renewal Service

Amateur Radio Dealers & Suppliers
Advanced Battery Systems
Amateur Electronic Supply
Amateur Radio Classifieds
Amateur Radio Dealers
Amateur Radio Manufact.
Antennas & More (Utah)
Artsci Publ./Books
Associated Radio (KS)
Austin Amateur Radio (TX)
Bamcom (Louisiana)
Burghardt Am.Radio (SD)
Cable Experts
Communications HQ (NC)
Denver Amateur Radio Sup. (PA)
East Coast Amateur Radio (NY)
Gateway Electronics (MO)
Gordon West Radio School
Grove Computer/Radio
        Ham Radio Bookstore
Ham Radio Outlet
The Ham Station
HamQuest Auction Site
Hamtronics (NY)
Heil Sound
Henry Radio (CA)
Jun's Electronics (CA)
Lantz Co. (KY)
Lentini Communic. (CT)
Memphis Am. Elect. (TN)
Mouser Electronics
National Electronics (KS)
N. Olmsted Amateur Radio Depot
NSI Radio (WA)
        PC Electronics/ATV
QSL Cards By Octavia
R & L Electronics (OH)
Rad-Comm Radio (TX)
Radio City (MN)
Radiodan - W7RF (CA)
Radio Shack
Radio Works (VA)
Radio World (NV)
Raymond Sarrio Co.
Ross Dist. Co. (ID)
RT Systems, Inc.  (AL, FL)
SignMan/Badges, QSLs
Texas Towers (TX)
Tiare Publications/Ham
Universal Radio

Importers and Manufacturers
AEA - Tempo Research
Alinco USA
Alpha Delta Communications
Alpha/Power Amplifiers
Aluma Towers
Antenna Specialists
Astatic Microphones
Barker & Williamson
Belden Wire & Cable
Bencher / Butternut
Code Quick
Comet Antennas
Gap Antennas
Cubex Quad Antennas
Cushcraft Antennas
Custom Metal Works
        Delta X-Ray Antennas
Diamond Antennas
R.L. Drake Company
Eimac Power Tubes
Gem QuadAntennas
Hal Communications
Heil Sound
Hustler Antennas
Hy-Gain Antennas/Towers
ICOM America
Japan Radio Co.
Kachina Communications
Kenwood Communications Corp.
Larsen Antennas
LDG Electronics
        MFJ Enterprises
Mirage Amplifiers
PacComm/Packet Radio
Par Electronics
Ramsey Kits
RF Parts Company
Rohn Towers
SGC Transceivers
Signal One Transceivers
Timewave Technology
Vibroplex Keys
Yaesu Amateur Radio

DX Related Links
Amateur Radio Prefixes
ARRL DX Bulletins
ARRL Propagation Charts
DXCC Country List
DX-Central DotCom
DX Newsletter
DX Cluster Info
DXer dot Com
        DX News/Weekly (Italy)
DX-peditions (list)
DX-Reference Guide
59(9) DX Report
DX Reference Guide
DX Summit
DX Zone
Grayline Map
        HF Radio DX News
IRC CQDX Chat Channel
Near Realtime MUF Map
Propagation Tools
QSL.net Propagation
Realtime Propagation Monitor
Six Meter International Radio Klub

License Upgrade Related Sites
Technician Class Exam Question Pool
General Class Exam Question Pool
Extra Class Exam Question Pool
        ARRL Exam Session Search
eHam.net Practice Exams
        QRZ Practice Exams
AA9PW Practice Exam Site

Weather Related Sites
Crown Weather
Crown Weather's Tropical Weather
Hurricane Alley
Hurricane City
        Hurricane Hunters
Hurricane Warning
National Hurricane Center
National Weather Service (Southern)
National Weather Service
        The Weather Channel
USA Today Weather
Weather Underground

Government Related Web Sites
ADA/Americans w/Disabilities Act
Canadian Rules - RIC
CFR Code of Fed. Regs.
CIA Home Page
CIB Comp. & Info Bureau
Congressional Bills
Daily Digest FCC 1999
Daily Digest FCC 2000
Daily Digest FCC 2001
Daily Digest FCC 2002
Daily Digest FCC 2003
Daily Digest FCC 2004
Daily Digest FCC Today
Downloadable FCC Forms
European Space Agency
ECFS Electronic Comment Filing Sys.
FAA Home Page
FBI Home Page
FCC Amateur Radio Page
FCC Bureaus, Index
FCC Commerical Radio Pages
FCC Commerical Radio Rules
FCC Fees
FCC Forms, All
FCC Home Page
About The FCC
FCC Licensing Stats/Ham
        FCC Phone Book by Name
FCC Pubs. by Bureau
FCC Rules, All Services
FCC Search Engine
FCC Wireless Page
Federal Register
FEMA/Federal Emergency Manangement Agency)
Amateur Frequency Allocation
QSL.net Amateur Frequency Allocation
Global Positioning Service (GPS)
GMDSS Question Pools
House of Rep., U.S.
International Arrangements
International Prefixes
Kennedy Space Center FL
Legislative Info, Thomas
LPFM Low Power FM
Maritime Telecom Information
MARS, Army
NANP, Telephone Number Plan
NASA Home Page
NASA Spaceflight Center
National Hurricane Center
NTIA Home Page
OET Bull. 65/Suppl. B
        Office of Spectrum Management
OET RF Safety Program
One-by-One Database
Part 97 (updated)
Personal Radio Services/FCC
Postal Service, USPS
PRB-1 Antenna Pre-empt.
Reciprocal Operating Arrangements
Registering SSN w/ULS
Renew License Online
Representative, U.S. - Contact
RF Radiation Information
RF Safety Calculator
RF Safety Rules
Rules/FCC (All) ".pdf"
Rules, All Services
Senator, U.S. - Contact
Spectrum Use 137 MHz+
Telecom Act, 1996
Online Vanity Call Application
ULS/Universal Licensing System
Vanity Call Sign System
VECs, List of  (FCC)
Voice of America
WRC-2001 - Agenda

International Telecom Agencies
ACA - Australia
Euro. Radcom. Ofc. (ERO)
        Industry Canada
ITU Radio Regulations
        Radiocomm. Agency UK
Swiss Telecom BAKOM

Information, Publications & News
Amateur Frequency Bands
Amateur Radio Statistics
AMSAT Bulletins/Latest
Arianespace - Kourou
ARISS Home Page
ARRL Letter Online
Band Plans
BBC Online (UK)
Boxboro Hamfest (MA)
Broadcasting&Cable Mag.
Atomic Clock (NIST)
Call Sign Prefix List
CEPT Countries List
CIA World Facts
Clandestine Radio ACE
Congress. Record Search
Counties, U.S., (List)
CQ - Amateur Radio
Dayton HamVention
DXCC Countries List
Elmers Resource Direct.
Exam Opportunities
Fox Hunting (RDF)
Freq. Allocations, Ham
Greenwich 2000 (GMT)
Grid Square Converter
Hamfest List - ARRL
Ham Radio Online
Ham Statistics by State
History of Radio
        How Stuff Works!
International Prefixes
Intrntl. Space Station/ISS & Ham Radio
Jonathan's Space Report
Language Translator
Links, Amateur Radio
Long./Lat. of U.S. Cities
Manifest of Applicants
MIR - Russian Space Sta.
Morse Code Links
Morse Code Sites - UK
Morse Code Translator
Morsum Magnificat (CW)
MUF Map - Real-Time
NAB Home Page
NASA Space Shuttle
NASA News Today
Newsgroups & Lists/Ham
Newsline - WA6ITF
Packet Radio News
Packet Radio Introduction
Phase 3D Satellite Info
Practical Wireless - UK
Practice Amateur Exams
Practice Commer. Exams
Prefixes, International
Prefix Map
Propagation Data NOAA
QSL.Net,  Free E-mail
Question Pools/ARRL
        Radio Free Europe
Radio Netherlands
Radio Stations on the Web
R.A.I.N. Report,  KC9RP
rec.radio newsgroups
rec.radio.amat. newsgroup
Repeater Directory Online
Satellite Tracking
Soc. of Brdcast Engineers
Solar Activity  (NOAA)
Solar Report WM7D
Space Shuttle News
Spread Spectrum News
Spread Spectrum Scene
SWL News
Time Zones/World
Upcoming SAREX
VECs, List of  (FCC)
VEC Statistics
W1AW Bulletins
What Time is it?/USNO
WIA Victoria
WorldRadio Magazine
WWV Propagation
Yahoo Amateur Info
Zip Code Lookup

U.S. Amateur Radio Organizations
Amer. Radio Relay League
ARISS (Space Station)
Dayton Hamvention
        FISTS Morse Preserv.Soc.
Miami Hurricane Center
Nat'l. Freq. Coord. Org.
Radio Club of America
        Rochester Hamfest (NY)
S.E. Repeater Assn.
Sunnyvale VEC ARC, Inc.
Ten-Ten International

International Radio Organizations
AARC - Aruba
AMSAT - Australia
URA - Andorra
UBA - Belgium
CARS - Cayman Islands
CRK - Czech Republic
CTARL - Chinese Taipei
FRC - Cuba
DARC - Germany
EDR - Denmark
ERAU - Estonia
ERO/Euro. Radiocom. Ofc.
FMRE - Mexico
GARS - Gibraltar
GARS - Guernsey
        HARTS - Hong Kong
IARC - Israel
IARU International Amateur Radio Union
IARU Member Societies
Icelandic Radio Amateurs
IRTS - Ireland
ITU, Intrntl. Telecom. Un.
JARL - Japan
LRMD - Lithuania
National Amateur Societies
No Code International
NZART - New Zealand
RAC - Canada
Radio Soc. of Gr. Britain
RCA - Argentina
        RCCR - Costa Rica
REF - France
REP - Portugal
RSB - Bermuda
RSSL- Sri Lanka
SARL - South Africa
SARTS - Singapore
SSA - Sweden
SRAL - Finland
TTARS - Trinidad/Tabago
URE - Spain
USKA - Switzerland
VERON - Netherlands
WIA - Australia
ZRS - Slovenia

Radio Related Sites
Air Force Museum/Dayton
Amateur Radio Web Ring
AC6V - DX Reference
        How far is it? (Distance)
Licensing Abroad
Police Scanner/Live
        Practice Ham Exams
Question Pools/Amateur
SV1ENS - Greece

U.S. Amateur Radio Clubs
K4TLH - Tallahassee Amateur Radio Club
Amateur Radio Club List
Dallas ARC (TX)
        Birmingham, AL ARC (PA)
The Valdosta Amateur Radio Club
Potomac Valley ARC (MD)
        Texas A&M Radio Club
Yahoo Ham Clubs Online
Yankee Clipper C.C. (MA)

Amateur Radio Related Software
DigiPan For PSK31 (PSK31)
DX Soft (PSK31, RTTY, CW)
DigiPic (PSK31)
DigiTalk (PSK31 for the sight-impaired)
HDSSTV (SSTV Software)
WinPSK (PSK31)
WinWarbler (PSK31)
PSK31 Deluxe (PSK31)
        HamScope (Multi-Mode)
QuikPSK (PSK31)
Win95 SSTV (SSTV Software)
Mscan (SSTV Software)
MMSSTV (SSTV Software)
Blaster SSTV (SSTV Software)
SSTV32 (SSTV Software)
        Intercom (Multi-Mode)
SkySweeper (Multi-Mode)
RadioCom (Multi-Mode)
JVComm32 (Multi-Mode)
MixW (Multi-Mode)
Mac Multi-Mode (Multi-Mode)
MRP40 (Morse Code Decoder)
Nu-Ware (Morse Code Trainer)
Web Sites Maintained By W4MNR
Shoeless Joe Jackson's Virtual Hall of Fame
Buck Weaver - The Ginger Kid
        Janey Nola Originals - Creative Jewelry Designs
W4MNR's Model Railroad Site
        W4MNR's Golf Related Web Site

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