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Mike Nola W4MNR
1717 Copperfield Circle
Tallahassee, Florida 32312

     My name is Mike Nola and I was first licensed as a Novice Class Operator in 1978 as WD4SIY. In those days a Novice Class license was only good for 1 year, so I upgraded in October 1978 to a Technician Class operator. I upgraded to a General Class operator, then to Amateur Extra Class and changed my call sign after 23 years to W4MNR. The "MNR" stands for Mike Nola Radio or for anyone that is a fan of the Florida State University Seminoles........it stands for Mighty Noles Radio.

My first station was located in Perry, Florida and consisted of a Kenwood TS-520S HF rig with a 6 meter transverter, MC-50 mike, a full gallon on the floor, a straight key, a bug, 70 foot of tower with a tri-bander on top and numerous dipole antennas strung off the tower and through the trees around the shack. The current shack, located north of Tallahassee, Florida has everything above, except for the tower, tri bander and full gallon. I have also added a Kenwood TS-570S, external speaker, power supply, Heil Goldline mike, MFJ antenna tuner, an antenna switch and filters all running out to some half wave dipoles strung about 12 meters off the ground. In the old days I had the antenna and the full gallon to walk through any pile up.......now I have to take a number and stand in line.....but I have found this to be more fun than actually walking through the pile up.

My interests are mainly working HF, six meters (if I am around the shack when it opens) and can be found daily on 2 meters. I work all modes, although I am not as fast as I once was on CW I still get a kick out of tapping on the key and getting through the noise when other modes won't cut it. I am also interested in SSTV and getting into the digital stuff as well. I was off the air for quite some time due to antenna restrictions in my neighborhood. I got approval from my neighborhood association to put up the dipoles and I am now back on the air (hopefully for good).

W4MNR Line
W4MNR Line
W4MNR Line

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